Steps to obtain your permanent residency card

This service is for those who intend to register and obtain a National Migration Registration Card (CRNM), in the following cases:
Registration of immigrants holding temporary visas;
Deferred residence permit (decision published in the Federal Official Gazette - DOU);
Refugee, Stateless or Asylum, already recognized by Organs competent bodies.

The registration consists of civil identification, using biographical and biometric data, to obtain a National Migratory Registration number (RNM) and the National Migratory Registration Card (CRNM).
The immigrant with a temporary visa who has entered the country must apply for registration within ninety days, counting from the date of entry into national territory, under penalty of sanction.
The immigrant who has been granted the application for a residence permit in the country must proceed with the application for registration within thirty days, counting from the date of publication of the granting of the said application, under penalty of sanction. 

Have you ever thought about moving to Brazil, obtain permanent residencyinvesting in your own home ?

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