Permanent residency in Brazil via marriage

If you are currently married to a Brazil Citizen you can apply for permanent residency in Brazil. The application can be made at the Federal Police or at a Brazilian Consulate Broad. In either way you will have to first obtain approval of your permanent residency request. The Federal Police has a list of basic documents that you need to present to prove the validity of your marriage. However, additional evidence can be requested and the Federal Police can also make you a visit in your home.

Once the petition is approved you will have to return to the Federal Police to apply for your permanent resident card. After the card is issued usually with a 2 year validity you can live and work in Brazil.
If for some reason you get divorced, you can keep living in Brazil, but you will need to prove upon renewal that you have a life, a job, a house and responsibilities in Brazil to justify your stay.
If the marriage was taken in Brazil, the request can be made at the Federal Police. If you got married abroad, you will need to register the foreign marriage in Brazil before you apply for permanent residency.
If you are living in Brazil and you have a Union with a Brazil citizen, you can also apply. Same rule applied if you have a Brazilian child.

Caution: the absence for more than two years from the Brazilian territory leads to the automatic loss of the permanent visa and the national migratory registration (RNM).

Have you ever thought about moving to Brazil, obtain permanent residencyinvesting in your own home ?

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