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Bachelor in Law from Universidade Paulista - UNIP in 2002, being then admitted by the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB / SP nº209.900). With 16 years of experience working in the immigration area in partnership Dr Reza Rahbaran elected TOP 25 Immigration Attorneys we offer excellence in our services. Our office works with flat fees and can represent the International client when applying for their INVESTOR VISA in Brazil or even represent the foreign client in Brazil, whether it be of an immigration, family, civil or criminal nature. It is important to emphasize that the information contained in this website is of an informative nature and does not create, in any aspect, an attorney-client relationship.

We can help you to find a fit property in Brazil, to invest or live and acquire your permanent residency.

Have you ever thought about moving to Brazil, obtain permanent residencyinvesting in your own home ?

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